Rules or Relationship? Part 2

Bible Text: Romans 1:16-25 | Preacher: Pastor Max Ford | Series: Rules or Relationship?

In the 2nd installment of this series, Pastor Max addresses the state of mind that Christians have in todays world. Yes, God loves us and forgives us for anything and everything. However, Gods principles have been here long before the Ten Commandments ever came along and there are still things he expects from us and we cannot believe the lie that we can live however we want and God will be pleased.

Rules or Relationship?

Bible Text: Matthew 5:17-19 | Preacher: Pastor Max Ford | Series: Rules or Relationship?

In todays world, people get confused when it comes to the Old Testament vs. the New Testament. Many say the Old Testament should be completely done away with because that’s what Jesus came to do. However, in todays sermon, Pastor Max shows us that’s not the case. The Old Testament set the standards with the Ten Commandments as a relationship, not a set of rules.

Identity Theft

Bible Text: 2 Peter 1:1-11 | Preacher: Pastor Max Ford

Do you know who are? Many people today become victims of identity theft in a financial sense, but many people also become victims of identity theft in a spiritual sense as well. This morning, Pastor Max enlightens us on the 3 things that are important in not losing our spiritual identity: Purpose, position, and power.

Be The Difference

Bible Text: Matthew 5:13 | Preacher: Pastor Max Ford

The world has drastically changed in the past few decades. How do we as Christians connect with the younger generations of today? How can we still make a difference? Today, Pastor Max tells us the most important things that we need to do to stay relevant and to truly make a difference.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Bible Text: Luke 5:1-11 | Preacher: Pastor Max Ford

Who do we think we are? Are we truly followers of Christ? Do we even know what that really means? In todays sermon, Pastor Max teaches us that there’s much more to being a Christian than coming to church every Sunday and just sitting in a pew. Being a Christian is about going out and trying to win the lost and showing them the love of Jesus. We need to be active Christians!

Contentment In The Chaos Pt. 2

Bible Text: Jeremiah 29:8-10 | Preacher: Pastor Max Ford | Series: Contentment In The Chaos

Last week, Pastor Max began this series by telling us the things that we can’t control during chaos and that’s when we need to trust God the most. In the second sermon of this series, Pastor Max gives us examples of things that we CAN control that will help us during troubling times, like our attitude towards the situation.

Contentment In The Chaos Pt. 1

Bible Text: Jeremiah 29:11 | Preacher: Pastor Max Ford | Series: Contentment In The Chaos

In the first sermon of this 3-sermon series, Pastor Max teaches us the basics and the importance of staying content in the middle of trouble.

What Can I Bring?

Bible Text: 1 Chronicles 29:9 | Preacher: Pastor Max Ford

Many times, we are so focused on ourselves, we forget that being a Christian is more about helping others than helping ourselves. In todays sermon, Pastor Max challenges us to ask ourselves, “What do I have to offer people?”

Don’t Be Weary

Bible Text: Galatians 6:9 | Preacher: Dean Vanderheiden

It is easy to get discouraged with everything going on in todays world. This morning, guest speaker Brother Dean Vanderheiden reminds us that if we keep the faith in a world full of evil, we will be greatly rewarded one day.

How The Gospel Is Presented Today

Bible Text: Matthew 19:17 | Preacher: Todd Dowty

Many times, the church as a whole is more concerned about attendance than saving souls and keeping those people involved in the church. Today, guest speaker Todd Dowty warns us about how the gospel has become “watered down” to make people think that once they get saved, there’s no work to do afterwards.