This morning, Pastor begins a brand new series entitled, "A Place To Belong."
Pastor continues his latest series, "The Power Of Prayer."
Pastor wraps up his series, "The Power Of Prayer", with his final installment.
Pastor continues his series, "The Power Of Prayer", with his 2nd installment.
This morning, Pastor Max discusses the power of prayer and how important it is to make it an every day part of our lives.

Your Purpose

November 3, 2019
Pastor Todd Dowty joins us this morning to bring the word.

The Health Of The Believer

October 27, 2019
Guest speaker, Danny Crittenden joins us this morning.
This morning, Pastor wraps up his latest series, "Family Affair"
This morning, Pastor continues his new series, "Family Affair", by discussing how to handle altercations with our kids and our spouses.
Pastor kicks off a brand new series entitled "Family Affair."