Why Do I Come To Church?

June 28, 2020
Pastor brings us a new sermon discussing the reasons and benefits of attending church regularly.
Pastor continues his latest series, "What About Heaven?"
This morning, Pastor brings us his 3rd installment of his latest series, "What About Heaven."
Pastor discusses his 2nd installment of "What About Heaven."

What About Heaven?

May 17, 2020
Pastor brings us a new sermon discussing Heaven and what it should mean to us.

Guarding The Stuff

May 10, 2020
Pastor brings us a special Mother's Day sermon this morning.

Time To Sober Up

May 3, 2020
Pastor brings us a new message this morning and discusses the end times, reminding us that, as Christians, it's time to wake up because Jesus is coming soon.
Pastor kicks off a brand new series this morning entitled "Life Expectancy"
Pastor discusses the fear and panic of the coronavirus with his 4th installment of "Power Of Influence."
Pastor continues his latest series with his 3rd installment of "The Power Of Influence."
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