Fix Your Finances

June 30, 2019
This morning, Pastor Max touches on how we can improve our finances and the true meaning of tithing.

A Father’s Day Message

June 16, 2019
Guest Speaker, Dean Vanderheiden brings us a special Father's Day message.

The Storms Of Life

June 9, 2019
Today, Bro. Blake Burns speaks on the struggles of life and how we can use them to better ourselves and turn them into something good.
This morning, Pastor Max discusses his 3rd installment of Meat Eaters, which focus on servanthood .
Pastor Max discusses his 2nd installment of his new series, "Meat Eaters".

The Value Of A Mother

May 12, 2019
In todays special Mother's Day sermon, Pastor Max discusses the importance of mothers in our lives and the responsibility they have.

Living The Good Life

May 5, 2019
In todays sermon, Pastor Max discusses what the word says about living a healthy life in Christ and the things we must do if we expect God to move in…

Fence Rows

April 28, 2019
In today's sermon, Pastor Max discusses how easy it is to become complacent in our lives and how dangerous it can be.
This Easter Sunday, Pastor Max discusses the real reason for Easter, the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
This morning, Pastor Max kicks off a 2 week series based on the story of Easter and how we can use it in our day-to-day lives.