Pastor Max continues his new series with his 2nd installment of "7 Ducks In Muddy Water".
Pastor Max kicks off a new series this week, entitled "7 Ducks In Muddy Water."
Pastor Brian Bowerman wraps up our Fall Explosion with a very powerful message.
Pastor Brian Bowerman continues our Fall Explosion as he discusses what it means to have the anointing and what it means to use it.
Pastor Brian Bowerman kicks off our Fall Explosion this morning as he discusses investing in others rather than ourselves.

A Place Part 3

August 11, 2019
This morning, Pastor Max wraps up his series, entitled "A Place". We know we have the power of God in our lives, but unless we know how to use it,…

A Place Part 2

August 4, 2019
This morning, Pastor Max explains the power that has been given to us because of Jesus.

A Place

July 28, 2019
Today, Pastor Max discusses 3 places that many of us face in life. Places of rebellion, removal, and redemption.
This morning, Pastor Max discusses sin and how important it is that w evaluate our lives to make sure that sin doesn't creep in.

In God We Trust

July 7, 2019
This morning, Pastor Max discusses our faith in God. How much do we REALLY trust him?